Çava Jewellery Campaign

Çava Jewellery's Campaign was an interesting Studio shoot. The creative direction was done by Elsa Allen from Logix Creative and Models from Models M. The brief asked for a soft, sun-kissed, natural look with backlighting.

The Shot:

Lighting Setup:

The Key part of achieving the look is to use a large aperture to make the most of the light leaks from the rear lights. At the back of the studio, between the models and the background, 2 strobes provide the backlighting. This is very important so that the contrast loss/washout that is needed for the effect to be beleivable occurs.

A softbox in front of the models provides fill and a beauty dish with diffuser high above the models provides facial definition and some more fill. Also it give a bit more light intensity to the top of the person with soft fall off.