Malta Fashion Awards - Best Fashion Photographer 2015 & Behind the scenes

Yesterday night the Maltese fashion industry gathered for the 17th Edition of the Malta Fashion Awards. Dubbed the largest fashion party in Malta, and definitely living up to its name.

It was a great night and I won my second "Best Fashion Photographer" Award. It is a great honour and as I said on stage - Fashion photography is not the effort of any one person but that of a team: It takes a great designer/stylist/hair-stylist/make-up artist and model to get a good picture. As as always i would like to thank everyone who worked with me to make my pictures possible. I wouldn't be here without you.

"Where does it go from here?" Is the question I've been asking myself all morning as I sip coffee and try to come back to reality.  First of all, I want to help all local designers as much as i possibly can - they are the future of our little industry and it's through them that we'll grow; and secondly, I want to put in more travelling this year - Last trips to Milan, London and Rome fashion weeks were great learning experiences.

Lastly, here is what went on behind the scenes -  all these images are shot using a Canon 5D Mark III camera with a 50mm f1.2 lens (possibly a couple with the 85mm but I'm not sure :)) Lighting for the shots was available light, overpowered using a simple YongNuo 120LED Panel (every photographer should have 2 of these in is backpack when shooting at night)