Inspired in Valletta - Ritienne Zammit

Last week as part of my wife's general craziness, we spent a few days living in Valletta. We stayed at the lovely Cumberland Boutique Hotel, used the Ferry to get to work, and ate pretty much EVERYTHING. You can check out the article by The Wife(tm) about living in Valletta on her blog

Apart from the sights, smells (food, oh so much different interesting food) and sounds (you can literally walk around Valletta at night and bounce from one live music act to another without hearing any silence - it's lovely) - there is a huge sense of drama to the place that just makes my creative side wake up.

So we had to do a fashion shoot - and since the light in Valletta is perfect very early in the morning, I passed on the amazing breakfast (food :() and convinced everyone to wake up early (I got coffee and fresh croissants to make up... yes more food)

So without further ado here's a shoot inspired by Ritienne Zammit's Past & Present collections

  • Model: Rebecca @ Supernova Model Managment
  • Photography: Kurt Paris
  • Make-up: Jean Zammit using Inglot
  • Styling: Caroline Paris
  • Designer: Ritienne Zammit
  • Hair Styling: Christian Galea @ Michael & Guy
Photo: Kurt Paris (http://www.kurtparis.com)
Photo: Kurt Paris (http://www.kurtparis.com)
Photo: Kurt Paris (http://www.kurtparis.com)
Photo: Kurt Paris (http://www.kurtparis.com)
Photo: Kurt Paris (http://www.kurtparis.com)