Shooting Portraits in Harsh lighting

One of the things we have an abundance of in Malta is bright bright sunlight. This post unfortunately does not apply to our harsh sun when it’s at it’s peak. This is because the overhead positioning and bright light will result in a white studio background with the added haze that will lose a lot of fine detail.

In these conditions, moving to the shade will produce much better results. However! if you are in harsh sunlight in the morning or afternoon hours before golden hour. Simply place the subject with their back to the sun and use them to shield your camera from the glare. This will produce a lovely blown out background and a golden halo for your subject. To achieve this make sure you expose for our subject’s face, otherwise the camera will try and average out the light in the scene and leave you with a dull background and dark underexposed face

This will not work well for all subjects but for kids, and young beautiful people this fits quite nicely.

Here are some example of this technique show during Milan Fashion Week

In this photo of Birgit Kos, a bit of toning was applied to the highlights

In this photo of Birgit Kos, a bit of toning was applied to the highlights

Black & White Portraits

Righy, let's get this blog on the road. 

I'm currently very much in a Black and White mood, so this is a perfect time to take some Portraits (in Black & White of course :)) in the studio. Click on each photo to see the full shebang.

Firstly, let's start with the lovely Claire Ciantar from Supernova Models. Whilst we were working on another shoot we took a quick time-out to take this portrait. Make-up by Shasha and Hairstyling by Jonathan @ Screen

The lighting setup for this shot was simple: a Bowens Gemini Pro 500w w/ Bowens Beauty Dish - above and to the model's left.

Simple styling, light  and less-than-my-normal contrast in editing, provide a softer look for Claire

The second shot is of Gaby Curmi, also from Supernova Models. Makeup was done by Krista Paris.  The lighting setup of this shot is very similar to previous shot. 

Curly hair & an oversized Boyfriend's Shirt with high contrast B&W editing for Gaby's Look

And last but not least, this shot was actually the first in this current round of black and white portraits - showcasing necklaces from Aura and the expressive Estelle (Also from Supernova). Hair and Makeup also by Krista Paris

Dark Shadows, Bare skin and a statement necklace for the fierce Estelle

Comments, Criticism & queries are always welcome :)

That's all for now, hope everyone's having a lovely weekend