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The most difficult part of the creative process (in my humble opinion) is choosing. If the shoot went well, there are usually many good choices... and if the shoot didn't go so well, there are what *look* like good choices. The reason is that as though they were our children, we look at our creative works with biased eyes. 

A little while ago I had signed up for the beta of The label on the can promised to allow an easy way for an industry professional (Photographers, Agents, Editors etc) to take a look at a body of work and to provide constructive criticism. Like all things on the internet I assumed this would be free, however there is a cost per review. This cost, combined with the fact that (at the time) most of the reviewers were photographers, led me to put this website aside and continue using photography forums (or my trusty sidekick Caroline) for this sort of advice.

Fast forward a month or two - I received an email with some personal responses to some  comments I had made in a site survey a little while back, and an offer for a complimentary review by Jerris Madison, editor-in-chief at Obvious magazine. The first thing I noticed on my return was that the site has grown a lot. The reviewers available are more varied and many are industry professionals that would not be easily accessible. 

The submission process is very straightforward and the site worked well both on my computer and mobile. You select some images, describe the shoot from a creative and technical point of view, add any specific questions and voila! Done. A day (or less) later I receive a notification that this was done. I was very happy to receive some very kind words, but also the reviewer pointed out something that I normally took for granted and that would be very easy to fix going forward.

Apart from the review, you may opt to ask advice or questions to a reviewer that are decoupled from any one shoot - and the cherry on the cake - you can even have a 1-on-1 video call with the reviewer.

A sample submission is available here:

As you can see, the reviewer tackled technical issues related to the photography aesthetic and also tackled issues specific to the industry.

Based on the cost of the review i think this would be great to get a feel of how your work competes on a global scale. It also provides a good insight into concerns and challenges which you might not even be aware of.

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